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Thursday, July 19, 2007 5:36 am

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From the 30-second video of the game.

Photo: (c) Bandai-Namco

‘Katamari Damacy’-designer surprises with mysterious ‘Nobi Nobi Boy’

As Sony’s Playstation Premiere 2007 event unfolded in Tokyo on Wednesday, one particular game raised more questions than others. Bandai-Namco’s Nobi Nobi Boy, currently being developed by Keita Takahashi, the game designer behind lauded Katamari Damacy, features a weird worm-like character, and… and that is really all that has been made official, Famitsu reports.

Shin Uzonawa, Bandai-Namco’s Vice President, appeared at the Bandai-Namco press-conference holding an odd hose-like contraption. Excited reporters hoped they had been shown a new kind of controller, but Uzonawa quashed the anticipation, laughingly: “Oh, this thing? No no, it’s not a controller! I just brought this as visual aid to explain the game.” A 30 second video followed, where a character rather similar to Uzonawa’s visual aid appeared on a gray background, wriggling around. And not much else, actually.

Uzonawa commented, “Takahashi told me to keep my mouth shut and just show you this video, but, yeah… that’s kind of hard considering there’s 30 seconds of just this”, and laughed bitterly. “The wriggling is done through advanced physical calculations, and according to Takahashi, this game wouldn’t have been possible without the PS3! Takahashi was actually waiting for the PS3 release!” Uzonawa joked.

At this point, it is completely unknown what kind of a game Nobi Nobi Boy will be.

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