Mental test to be conducted on alleged attacker of ex-official, kin

KANTO Police decided Wednesday to conduct a mental examination on a man who is believed to have been involved in the murder of a former vice health minister and his wife, and the assault of the wife of another former vice health minister, investigative sources said. (5) [KYODO]

List of 719 cases of harassment at Waseda University leaked from computer

KANTO A list of 719 cases of harassment that allegedly occurred at Waseda University in Tokyo has leaked on the Internet, university officials said. (5) [MAINICHI]

Japanese climbers stranded on N.Z. peak may not be rescued until weekend

INTERNATIONAL Two Japanese climbers stranded by atrocious weather on New Zealand’s highest peak for five days may not be rescued before the weekend, searchers said Wednesday. (7) [MAINICHI]

U.S. serviceman’s World War II photo album returns home

INTERNATIONAL The war has finally ended for 90-year-old Tokio Watanabe. The former Japanese soldier, who fought in the Philippines in World War II and was later captured by Soviet troops, recently had his wish partially fulfilled to return a belonging that had long weighed on his mind: a photo album of a U.S. serviceman. (3) [ASAHI]

Temps in manufacturing feel full brunt of slump

NATIONAL The deepening recession is worrying workers nationwide, particularly temporary employees in the manufacturing industry. [THE JAPAN TIMES]

Proposal calls for 30 percent cut in big-eyed tuna catch

NATIONAL Big-eyed tuna catches need to be cut by 30 percent, says the Commission for the Conservation and Management of Highly Migratory Fish Stocks in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean. [MAINICHI]

Japan to pull military from Iraq by year’s end

INTERNATIONAL Japan will pull its Air Self-Defense Force out of Iraq, part of an effort to withdraw its 210 military personnel from the country by the end of 2008, Prime Minister Taro Aso said Friday. [CNN]

All 9 Japanese trapped in Mumbai hotels freed

INTERNATIONAL All nine Japanese nationals known by the Japanese Foreign Ministry to have been trapped in two hotels in Mumbai following a series of attacks have managed to escape, a senior ministry official said Friday evening. [KYODO]

Top court notifying lay judge candidates

NATIONAL Over the next few days, some 295,000 Japanese can expect to find a large envelope from the Supreme Court in their mailboxes with the following notice: “This is to inform you that, as a result of a lottery, you are listed as a prospective lay judge of the court.“ (1) [THE JAPAN TIMES]

331 students had their job offers annulled

NATIONAL At least 331 students graduating next March had their job offers canceled, while an estimated 30,000 nonpermanent employees have lost or will lose their jobs during the six months through March, the labor ministry said Friday. [ASAHI]

Report: Confusion delayed Akihabara aid

KANTO Conflicting radio information and disorder at the scene of the street rampage in Tokyo’s Akihabara district in June confused ambulance crews, resulting in the delayed transfer of victims to hospitals, according to a Tokyo metropolitan government panel report. [YOMIURI]

Survey finds 87% of private video parlors violate law

NATIONAL A government survey found 87 percent of private-video-watching facilities do not have fire-suppression systems or other equipment required by the Fire Service Law, it was learned Tuesday. [YOMIURI]

963 apply to become JAXA astronauts

NATIONAL A total of 963 people applied to the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) to become astronauts, after the agency began accepting applications for the first time in 10 years, officials said. (1) [MAINICHI]

Flood of ‘Akihabara-style’ murder threats posted on Internet

NATIONAL Over a dozen threats of murder and other crimes were posted on the Internet following the random street killings in Tokyo’s Akihabara earlier this month, police said. [MAINICHI]

Hiroshima makes Internet filtering on cell phones compulsory for under 18s

CHUGOKU The Hiroshima Municipal Government will launch an ordinance on July 1 requiring retailers in the city to introduce filtering for cell phones to prevent people under the age of 18 from viewing harmful information on the Internet, it has been learned. (2) [MAINICHI]

China to welcome first Japanese warship since WWII

INTERNATIONAL China prepared Tuesday to welcome the first Japanese war ship to visit since World War II in a dramatic sign of improving relations between East Asia’s two major powers. [AFP]

Woman arrested for rampant knife attacks in Osaka

KANSAI A Kobe woman who randomly attacked three other women at JR Osaka Railway Station has been arrested, police said. (1) [MAINICHI]

Tokyo closer to CO2 reduction bill

KANTO The Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly’s environment and construction committee on Monday passed a bill that will revise a city ordinance to require major companies in Tokyo to cut carbon dioxide emissions, clearing the first hurdle in introducing the first such ordinance in the country. (1) [YOMIURI]

Ambulances ‘treated like taxis’ in Japan

NATIONAL Many people request ambulances for nonemergency purposes, according to a Yomiuri Shimbun survey of fire departments in 51 major cities. [YOMIURI]

Survivor gives last speech in Okinawa

RYUKYU Moritoshi Oshiro still bears the scars from the 1945 Battle of Okinawa. He walks with a limp and cannot see out of one eye, the result of beatings he endured despite his father’s now-famous efforts to protect the then 12-year-old boy. [ASAHI]

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